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Dec 11, 2013
@ 9:10 am

OneKontest Launches Voting Contests As HashKontest

OneKontest has added another set of Twitter contests as HashKontest. This new site allows brands to create & manage promotions where their users can vote on 2 or more hashtags.

You have the option to just use the hashtags, but also associate them with a photo or video. If the voting is about Twitter users, they can use they Twitter handlers when voting.

Check it out @ http://hashkontest.com

Nov 22, 2013
@ 7:31 am

Twtvite adds support for Facebook RSVPs

Yes, Twtvite was created to be primarily a Twitter event manager, but we have evolved a lot since its beginning almost 5 years ago. From creating groups, to selling tickets, and managing waiting lists, Twtvite now offers a robust event solution that goes a bit beyond Twitter.

Last week, we quietly released the option to allow Facebook RSVPs, you can see it on your events (unless you choose it to be Twitter-only invites - this is usually the case for Twitter chats/parties where you kind of have to have a Twitter account to be able to participate anyway.)

In the next few months we’ll be rolling out Google+ and LinkedIn support, giving more flexibility to your attendees to choose how they want to present themselves for your events.

May 1, 2013
@ 12:00 pm

63 Squares adds support for Mozilla Persona

We’re adding support to Mozilla Persona login to all of our products. Persona is another attempt to create a single sign in to multiple sites. 

Of course, we also allow you to sign in using your Twitter account (and in most cases you have to), since most of our products are heavily depended  on Twitter, but we believe Persona to be an interesting approach different than the social login (Facebook, Twitter, Google+).

When you sign in using these services, a lot of your information is sent back and forth and shared. We don’t believe this to be necessary and we decided to add Persona instead of Facebook (for example.)

You can see it @ OneKontest, Twtvite, TwtBizCard, TwtQpon, Pibster, HashAwards, HashSurvey, 14Blocks, wotr.IO

Sep 11, 2012
@ 4:48 pm

HashAwards Adds Support for Twitter Cards

HashAwards is our Social Awards Platform that help you manage your own awards. We’ve now added support for Twitter Cards. So, if you look at a HashAward page @ twitter.com, so you see more description about who created it and what’s it about. 

See an example below. 

Sep 11, 2012
@ 11:57 am

Another Reason to Use Twtvite

When organizing an event, you shouldn’t have to worry about managing your guest list too much. We’ve added another automatic message to ask people to confirm their presence IF there are people in the waiting list.

Twtvite automates as much of it as possible for you. So here’s what happens:

1) You set up your Twtvite page: you can have one type of ticket, multiple tickets, free, sell tickets, limit the number of tickets available, etc.

2) Share the event link with your followers. Ask a few people to help out spread the word. Every time somebody new RSVPs to your event, we ask them to share it with their followers (most people do it.)

3) We send out a couple of reminders about your event: 1 week and 1 day before the event. Here’s another chance for people to invite their followers (a lot of people RT those reminders)

4) If you have a limit to the number of tickets available, we automatically manage a waiting list. As people update their RSVPs, we notify the people in the waiting list that their RSVP has been confirmed. 2 days before the event, we send out a reminder that there are some people in the waiting list, so that if they’re no longer planning to attend, they should update their RSVP so others can join it.

5) On the day of the event, you can print out your confirmed guest list and nametags. All generated automatically for you!

6) Have fun at your event!

Aug 16, 2012
@ 7:58 pm

Twtvite Adds Notification Options

Hey guys, we have added an option for you to change your notification preferences in your profile. You must be logged in with the Twitter account for which you’d like to make the changes.

Sign in > Dashboard > User Profile > Notifications

Twtvite sends out a few notifications, reminders, announcements to event organisers and users who RSVP to events. We understand some of you might not need those alerts, so we’re giving the option to disable them.

Here’s what they are:

New RSVP Alerts - We send out one DM per day with the number of new RSVPs to an event you’ve created.

Survey Results Alert - We automatically send out a survey to all of your attendees 6 hours after the event ends. The survey is available for 3 days. We send you a DM when the survey closes, so you can check the responses.

New Group Member Alerts - We send out one DM per day with the number of new members to a group you’ve created.

Announcements & Invitations - Event/Group organisers can send announcements or invitations to you. We send it on their behalf via DM, @reply or email.

Friendly Reminders - We send out 2 @reply, DM, or email per event that you’ve RSVP’ed. 1 week and 1 day before the event.

Kindly Requested Surveys - We create surveys about each event automatically. We send those 6 hours after the event is over. It’s sent via DM, @reply, or email.

Aug 14, 2012
@ 7:43 pm

Replace Your Business Cards by a #TwtBizCard

Everybody loves to hate Business Cards. It has its place, but for most part it’s a waste of paper, money as most people just throw them away after an event/conference. So, for a long time people have either tried to create business cards which stands out (odd shapes, thicker papers, etc) or replace it with something else.

Well, TwtBizCard might not be a replacement for all occasions, but we hope people will be able to start using it on informal settings.

So, how does it work?

There are two ways to exchange your contact information with TwtBizCard:

First, you can use our mobile-web and simply enter the Twitter username of the people you’d like to send your info to.

From there, you have the option to (1) simply save their info, (2) Also send yours, and (3) follow them on Twitter.

The second option is to include the #twtbizcard hashtag to your tweet. We will exchange contact info to any other user mentioned in that tweet.

That’s pretty much it. Then you can always reference back to everyone you’ve sent/received business cards.

OH, BTW: If you look at somebody’s TwtBizCard from your smartphone, you can actually make calls with just one click!

We have also replaced links to your profile on our other products (Twtpoll, Twtvite, OneKontest, etc) to your TwtBizCard. So in there, you can add links to other social networks you belong to: Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc.

So, go to twtbizcard.com to update your info and get started!

Aug 13, 2012
@ 9:56 am

We’re visiting SF. Want to connect?

We’re visiting San Francisco for the month of August. We’re here to connect with other startups and meet some of our users. Let us know if you’d like to go for a coffee. felipe[at]63squares.com

Aug 10, 2012
@ 9:43 am

Twtvite Adds Support for Twitter Cards

Yesterday we’ve added support for Twitter Cards to OneKontest. Today, we’re adding it to Twtvite. Twitter Cards is a new feature by Twitter that allows you to see a summary of a link right from within Twitter.com

You can see an example of a Twtvite event below.

Aug 9, 2012
@ 3:18 pm

OneKontest Adds Support for Twitter Cards

Twitter has been rolling out a new feature called Twitter Cards, it basically allows you to see a summary of a link directly from within Twitter.com

Here’s an example of a OneKontest #Hashtag Contest going on right now:

Over the next week or so we’re going to add support for all of our other products as well. Twitter is rolling out this feature at batches, so if you can’t see it yet, don’t worry, it should be available to all users in the next few weeks.

BTW, if you don’t know about OneKontest, be sure to check it out if you’re planning to run contests on Twitter. We support the following types of contests:

  • #Hashtag Contests
  • Photo Contests
  • Trivia Contests
  • Feedback Contests